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International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

The mission of the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform is to ensure that a complete view of research is accessible to all those involved in health care decision making.

Primary Registries

Primary Registries in the WHO Registry Network

Primary Registries in the WHO Registry Network meet specific criteria for content, quality and validity, accessibility, unique identification, technical capacity and administration. Primary Registries meet the requirements of the ICMJE.

The registries that currently meet these criteria are:

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR)   Profile   Website
Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry (ReBec)   Profile   Website
Chinese Clinical Trial Registry (ChiCTR)   Profile   Website
Clinical Research Information Service (CRiS), Republic of Korea   Profile   Website
Clinical Trials Registry – India (CTRI)   Profile   Website
Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials(RPCEC)   Profile   Website
EU Clinical Trials Register (EU-CTR)   Profile   Website
German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS)   Profile   Website
Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials (IRCT)   Profile   Website
ISRCTN   Profile   Website
Japan Primary Registries Network (JPRN)   Profile   WebsiteNetwork members:
Lebanese Clinical Trials Registry (LBCTR)   Profile   Website
Thai Clinical Trials Registry (TCTR)   Profile   Website
The Netherlands National Trial Register (NTR)   Profile   Website
Pan African Clinical Trial Registry (PACTR)   Profile   Website
Peruvian Clinical Trial Registry (REPEC)   Profile   Website
Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry (SLCTR)   Profile   Website

World Wide Trial Registry

The ISRCTN registry is a primary clinical trial registry recognised by WHO and ICMJE that accepts all clinical research studies


The ISRCTN registry is a primary clinical trial registry recognised by WHO and ICMJE that accepts all clinical research studies (whether proposed, ongoing or completed), providing content validation and curation and the unique identification number necessary for publication. All study records in the database are freely accessible and searchable.

ISRCTN supports transparency in clinical research, helps reduce selective reporting of results and ensures an unbiased and complete evidence base.

The ISRCTN is a simple numeric system for the identification of randomised controlled clinical trials worldwide. The ISRCTN register will also accept registration of other forms of studies designed to assess the efficacy of healthcare interventions. The ISRCTN scheme simplifies the identification of trials and provides a unique number that can be used to track all publications and reports resulting from each trial. ISRCTN will be provided after completion of the ISRCTN application form. You are advised to read the ISRCTN FAQs, since these help to explain who should apply for an ISRCTN, which trials are eligible for an ISRCTN, at what stage, and so on.

The metaRegister of Controlled Trials (mRCT) is a pioneering response to the challenge of identifying ongoing and unpublished RCTs. The only international online register of RCTs open to trials of all types of intervention in all healthcare specialties, the mRCT has been built by pooling databases of ongoing (and some completed) trials from public, charitable and commercial organisations.

What is a clinical trial?

What is a clinical trial?

For the purposes of registration, a clinical trial is any research study that prospectively assigns human participants or groups of humans to one or more health-related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes. Clinical trials may also be referred to as interventional trials. Interventions include but are not restricted to drugs, cells and other biological products, surgical procedures, radiologic procedures, devices, behavioural treatments, process-of-care changes, preventive care, etc. This definition includes Phase I to Phase IV trials.


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