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Human rights, privacy,and confidentiality

For manuscripts reporting medical studies involving human
participants, it is suggested that journals require authors
to provide a statement identifying the ethics committee
that approved the study, and that the study conforms to
recognized standards, for example:
• Declaration of Helsinki
• US Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects
• European Medicines Agency Guidelines for Good
Clinical Practice
These standards encourage authors to conduct studies
in a way that ensures adequate steps have been taken
to minimize harm to participants, to avoid coercion or
exploitation, to protect confidentiality, and to minimize the
risk of physical and psychological harm.

Research ethics in journal articles

It is good practice for journals to adopt publication policies
to ensure that ethical and responsible research is published,
and that all necessary consents and approvals have
been obtained from authors to publish their work. These
publication policies might include the items presented in the
sections below.